Balayage Hair Painting

Balayage is a hand-painted hair coloring technique that is designed to create a multidimensional look that is also very natural. This technique emerged from Paris in the 1970’s, and the word “balayage” is French for “to sweep”. The beauty of Balayage is that it creates natural, sun-kissed highlights that leaves the hair in healthy condition with very minimal grow out. So that means less maintenance, and your hair is left looking gorgeous for much longer! Traditional foiled highlights grow out with a much harsher line at the root, and can also be damaging on the hair.


My signature Santa Barbara Balayage technique is inspired by the care-free, bohemian-chic, beach culture this town is famous for. When I first moved to Santa Barbara from my hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana I was mesmerized by the natural sun-kissed highlights I saw on so many women and children. This natural beauty was fascinating to me, so combined with my passion and background in art I created my own style of Balayage.

This look is not only multidimensional, but also multi directional, meaning each highlight is strategically placed in a way the mimics how the Santa Barbara sun would naturally lighten the hair. This creates a beautiful glow, and incredible movement in the hair. Each highlight is hand-painted and customized to every woman’s uniqueness, so you know you’re leaving the salon with a look that can’t be duplicated.

Partial Balayage (around the face and top of head): 150 and up
Full Balayage (entire head) 200 and up





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